Norah O’Donnell knows the way to Ask the hard Questions

In’s month-to-month sequence workplace Hours, we ask people in effective positions to take us through their first jobs, worst jobs, and everything in between. This month we spoke with CBS evening news anchor Norah O’Donnell, whose 12 months-and-a-half lengthy investigation into sexual assault in the U.S. militia uncovered systemic disasters and foremost missteps by way of management. below, O’Donnell on a lesson she realized the hard approach, her journalism hero, and what it means to be a reporter in 2020.

My very first job

When my father was an army medical professional, we have been stationed distant places in Seoul, South Korea, and my mother met someone trying to find an English speaker to record language tapes for youngsters. i was 10 years old on the time, and that i got a check every two weeks for the work. I straight away realized the vigour of incomes an profits and the liberty that gives you. My family failed to have a lot of money growing up, so this turned into the first time I might exit and buy a pair of recent shoes or a tune tape for myself. I cherished Lionel Richie and Jack Wagner, who had a quick song profession. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, too.

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My hardest job

I used to babysit for $2.50 an hour turning out to be up. as soon as, when i was babysitting 4 youngsters at a time, i believed to myself, “this is the toughest job on the planet.” Now, as a mom, I take note why i thought that. Caring for infants, conserving them entertained, fed, and cleaning up after them, as any mother or father or caregiver will tell you, is among the hardest jobs in the world and or not it’s totally undervalued. I learned how to be patient and the way to multitask, each advantage i exploit all the time at my job nowadays.

My journalism hero

Bob Schieffer is a fantastic mentor. He has, for decades, been the most respected journalist in Washington, no longer best anchoring Face the Nation however additionally CBS evening information. after I joined CBS as the chief White apartment correspondent and primary substitute on Face the Nation, Bob really put me at ease. We co-anchored collectively and there is just no longer a better person to try this with. He would conclude my sentences and that i could finish his sentences. he’s a fine person who embodies what it means to be a journalist. he’s additionally managed to hold the have faith and admire of many by now not taking himself too severely.

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phrases of wisdom—and the guidance I neglected

The top-rated suggestions I’ve ever gotten is either from my mom, who all the time instructed me, “Be a good listener,” or from longtime CBS producer Adam Verdugo, who says, “follow your curiosity.”

The worst assistance I ever got changed into after I first started anchoring. somebody referred to to me, “you might be too conversational.” I observed, “in fact? inform me what that capability!” They talked about, “you’re just too conversational.” and i referred to, “neatly, thanks so tons for that counsel.” Being an excellent conversationalist is basically a plus in journalism. The most effective interviewers on earth are high-quality conversationalists. examine Gayle King, as an instance. She is a fantastic conversationalist and, in consequence, has probably the most fascinating interviews.

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A lesson I discovered the challenging manner

how to ask challenging questions—without sounding judgmental. Journalists have an obligation and a responsibility to hold powerful people responsible, in addition to to expose abuse and corruption. but if you ask challenging questions, you have to be certain your tone is barely appropriate. One time I did a are living interview with the late Sen. John McCain on a very heated political topic. in a while, he known as up a CBS govt and complained that my tone become off. John McCain and i had regularly occurring each different invariably as a result of I lined his 2000 presidential crusade, so I saw his remarks as valuable. that you can ask a tricky query devoid of it sounding such as you’re aggravated or piqued via it or their response. I watch a lot of are living cable tv, and infrequently the tone of a reporter is what makes americans believe journalists are overly opinionated. there is a method to be vital without being judgmental.

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The story i am most proud of

we now have been reporting on the situation of sexual assault in the defense force since 2017. That eventually grew to be a series of Emmy award-profitable experiences during which we spoke to a number of cadets on the Air force Academy who told us they been assaulted and stressed and then, of their efforts to document it, were perpetually careworn. whereas I worked on the investigation, I kept considering to myself that these had been the longer term leaders of our U.S. military, the premier and brightest ladies in the nation, and they had been being driven from provider as a result of assault and harassment. It struck me now not best as a good injustice to them but also a threat to our long-time period country wide security, because we want more girls serving in armed forces affairs.

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How I file on sexual assault

Digging, digging, digging, and then speaking to survivors. Our work hinges on gathering people who’re inclined to talk on digicam and describe the incidence of sexual assault and harassment. one of the vital problematic components of investigating armed forces sexual assault turned into speaking to parents with daughters who’ve died by using suicide because of what they went through.

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Why a #MeToo reckoning in the defense force is long overdue

Our CBS investigation preceded the Vanessa Guillén homicide at fort Hood, but her case introduced so much consideration, as soon as once again, to the challenge of sexual harassment and assault within the armed forces. Journalism has served a aim here, which is pushing leaders and powerful people to make change and try and make trade.

Many survivors and sufferer advocates have informed me they accept as true with it be time for a #MeToo stream in the military. i’m from a military family, and my sister served in the defense force. The alleged abuse that has took place is not in line with the values I grew up figuring out. There are a few people carrying out these attacks, and they should still be held responsible. My biggest situation is that it be combating definitely astonishing americans from serving—and we need those americans as a way to be the optimal defense force on the earth.

This interview has been evenly edited and condensed for clarity.

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