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a couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Robert Rodriguez about his upcoming Netflix movie, and on the end of the call, I instructed him i was looking forward to his episode of The Mandalorian. Now, after gazing “Chapter 14: The Tragedy,” I think individually victimized by the director. Sorry to be dramatic, but i can imagine there’s a collective grief spreading throughout the megastar Wars fandom today, as episode 6 lives as much as its tragic title.

The episode pulls the rug out from beneath viewers after beginning with a little bit of levity: We hear Mando snort for the first time! Now that he is aware of Grogu’s name, getting the lil’ one to reply amuses the bounty hunter. It’s clear the bond runs deep between both, and as Mando explains to his ward that they’ll need to part methods if a Jedi arrives to train him, it appears he’s greater convincing himself.

They land on Typhon and arrive on the seeing stone for Grogu to do his element. soon after, a mysterious ship lands regional, but the padawan connects with the force—simply as Ahsoka pointed out he would—and explanations a shielding beam to surround him. Mando, unable to spoil through to steal the youngster away, confronts the mysterious arrival who seems to be… BOBA FETT!

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The legendary bounty hunter, played with the aid of Tameura Morrison, reveals he’s been monitoring Mando for the reason that Tatooine because he needs his armor back. It belonged to his father, Jango Fett, and Boba lost it after surviving his fall right into a Sarlaac pit in Return of the Jedi. besides the fact that children, he’s now not the handiest presumed lifeless mercenary within the graphic. Boba found Fennec Shand (Ming-na Wen), who apparently died within the Tatooine wasteland in the season 1 episode “The Gunslinger,” and introduced him back to life. neatly, not thoroughly in the human feel, as she reveals some cyborg-looking interior under her armor. Fennec is now certain to Boba, and together they clarify the circumstance to Mando: The bounty on The infant’s head has multiplied vastly, so that they will support offer protection to him if Mando returns the armor to Fett.

the advent of a garrison of stormtroopers prevents Mando from agreeing, as he runs to the seeing stone to protect Grogu. Fennec and Boba are left to fight off the primary wave, and you’ve received to hand it to Rodriguez—he bound is aware of a way to shoot an epic battle scene. no longer most effective does he have Fennec leaping off rocks and the use of boulders to take out a few stormtroopers, however he suggests why Boba Fett changed into considered one of the vital fearsome bounty hunters within the galaxy: He sure is aware of his manner round a poleaxe, which he uses to slice in the course of the bad guys in brutal trend. right through the fight, he spots the Razor Crest, which Mando had left open, and due to the fact that its proprietor is having no luck getting Grogu out of the drive beam, he joins the fray below. just as the stormtroopers appear to benefit an talents, Boba turns up donning his iconic armor.

A pang of nostalgia fills your bones as the bounty hunter reacquaints himself together with his custom-made beskar and forces the attackers lower back to their ship, but the combat’s no longer over yet: He uses his helmet’s exterior focused on rangefinder to fireplace the missile loaded on his jetpack and break both enemy ships in flight. The stormtrooper’s boss, Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), responds from above in his Imperial starship by using torpedoing Mando’s lengthy-suffering ship.

Pour one out for the Razor Crest, fam.

Gideon additionally sends his darkish trooper droids to snatch Grogu, who’s been left unprotected on the seeing stone when the force beam collapses. The terrible little man is all tuckered out and might barely movement when the darkish troopers encompass him, and Mando is forced to monitor them take The baby away after arriving at the desirable of the mountain moments too late.

It’s a crushing blow for the Mandalorian, who doesn’t need to possibility Grogu’s existence by using having Boba take out the droids. Fett confirms that the Empire is lower back after recognizing Gideon’s starship. There’s an extra nod to the have an impact on of Frank Herbert’s Dune as he tells a questioning Fennec, “here is now not a spice dream.”

What it is is a tragic separation of pop and son that every viewer felt deep in their bones. if you had to take a second to bring together yourself, you’re now not by myself. but be aware: There’s a running theme in this exhibit about codes and Boba indicates that. regardless of being a solitary figure who didn’t take the Mandalorian Creed, he has ideas.

After showing Mando that his father was a foundling taken in with the aid of the Mandalorians, Boba says he and Fennec are in Din Djardin’s debt and should honor the deal to offer protection to The infant. Now it’s time for Mando to take a leaf out of Amanda Waller’s e-book and put collectively a Suicide Squad of varieties to rescue Grogu. He returns to Nevarro for Cara Dune’s (Gina Carano) aid and finds she’s formally a brand new Republic area cop. He asks her to tell him the vicinity of Migs Mayfield (invoice Burr), the criminal reformatory breaker who double-crossed him in season 1. She’s reluctant to comply now that she’s bought the badge, but once she hears the child’s been taken, it’s clear she’s ready to lay down her life. Or, you know, provide him the intel.

in the meantime, Grogu is not any longer hiding his drive powers and takes out two stormtroopers, plenty to Moff Gideon’s leisure. After waving the darkish saber in his face, Gideon has Grogu shackled and receives an underling to send a message to Dr. Pershing (‎Omid Abtahi) to claim he’s received their “donor” back. Now they can resume their nefarious experiments to create force-sensitive hybrid warriors. The remaining shot is of our lil’ man knocked out in shackles, so if you should take a personal day, I believe your boss may still absolutely be mindful.

even though “The Tragedy” left many viewers panicking, it was a gripping, action-packed, and emotionally wrought installment that reminded us anything can take place within the Wild Wild Rim. It changed into only a matter of time earlier than the Empire caught up with The newborn, and definitely, for narrative functions, it makes sense to throw a dramatic spanner into the works. however Chapter 14 also units up the remaining two episodes of season 2 by using suggesting that not simplest will Mando make like Bruce Wayne and put together a team of americans with particular capabilities, however that a Jedi might simply reply Grogu’s call. If there’s as a good deal affection for Grogu in a galaxy a ways, far away as there’s on this planet, then the tragedy of this episode should be brief-lived.

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