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Travis Scott in reality captured the temper of the nation when he tweeted last nighttime, “i can’t be the only one awaiting the last episode of the undoing.” indeed, he isn’t—the community chats had been lit up all day in anticipation of the huge demonstrate: Who killed Elena Alves?

Tonight’s The Undoing finale will clear up any lingering questions concerning the murder, director and govt producer Susanne Bier guarantees, together with no matter if Grace (Nicole Kidman), Jonathan (Hugh furnish), and even Henry Fraser (Noah Jupe) were involved in it. And even though she’s now not losing any more tips, the famed director of After the marriage, The evening supervisor, and chicken field shared some perception into her directing process, how to juggle distinct murder suspects onscreen, and why, exactly, every person is so smitten by Nicole Kidman’s green coat. under, she answers all our burning questions concerning the most talked-about exhibit of the season.

Your work frequently delves into the moment someone’s semblance of normalcy is uprooted and rearranged. What turned into the draw of The Undoing, each within and outside of that framework?

When HBO approached me and referred to that they have been doing a venture that David Kelly was writing for Nicole, that was a tremendous draw. and then the proposal, as you outlined, is yet another big draw since it’s very oddly recognizable—now not in that dramatic sense that it’s within the script, but in a sense of being thrown into whatever thing the place you suppose you be aware of and have in mind the function, and then the position has a completely different shape from what you anticipated.

How do you craft that anxiety, attending to the aspect that everyone is simply a 2nd or two away from melting down?

it be very plenty about making certain that the tension is there. How am i able to examine it? when you have somebody who is drunk and who gets home, then this under the influence of alcohol person is going to do every thing they could with the intention to cover that they are drunk. or not it’s a bit bit like that. You are looking to fight it and since you fight it, or not it’s lots greater palpable and oddly greater visible, in spite of the fact that the person fighting it thinks it’s a good deal more hidden.

susanne bier on the set of the undoing with hugh grant and nicole kidman
Bier on set with Hugh grant and Nicole Kidman.


The massive cliffhanger at the conclusion of episode 5 is fairly the blindside. it’s very quiet and feels activities, but then you definitely get this large reveal. How did you strategy taking pictures that?

At this factor, since it’s episode 5, we now have gotten used to, Oh, there’s going to be a cliffhanger. i needed to do the opposite. i needed to head, Oh, k. might be the cliffhanger became the name with the mother. i wished the viewers to be a bit bit secure, then throw it in at the very end.

So, what can we predict from the finale?

All i can say is that you’re going to get to understand how it ends. We’re not dishonest you. you’re going to recognize what came about.

Let’s focus on constructing out Grace’s world—are you ailing of speaking in regards to the green coat yet?

[Laughs] No, i’m now not. or not it’s enjoyable as a result of I had told the costume dressmaker, Signe Sejlund, that we necessary a really different coat for Nicole. And correct away after I begun studying, i was like, “She must have that massive crimson hair.” I saved bugging the costume fashion designer about that coat because I felt that, except we had that coat, we failed to comprehend who she changed into. It was a key to her personality. She does not seem at all like the other mothers in faculty. She would not costume conventionally higher type at all. She attire a bit bohemian, but there is nonetheless a sense of… no one is considering it be a throwaway coat. It looks elegant, nonetheless it’s not recognizable as a definite dressmaker. That brought to her being very in contrast to each person else, which was in reality essential.

How did you be sure Elena’s presence felt ghostly, like a haunting? You can not get far from her face. Why did you come to a decision to make her such a visible presence on the reveal?

She grew an awful lot on us as a result of she’s so enigmatic and engaging. It appeared a little unique to have a ghost, but additionally, she’s somewhat like Brigitte Bardot. She has a sultry, historical-faculty attractiveness, which is so distinct from that total new york environment, which is lots greater managed and athletic, in a method. She’s got that very deep sense of longing. And it changed into also a reminder of whatever we possibly all lift but we are attempting no longer to deal with.

How did you go about creating the visual language for the “flashback” moments Grace is imagining? Jonathan sound asleep with Elena, the second Elena is killed… were they part of the script in the beginning?

There turned into a part of flashback within the script. I can not bear in mind which of them have been in the script and which of them have been achieved later. in case you’re shooting, you go, Oh, it might be unique to have this. after which you’re taking a notice of it. but it become very a lot fiddling with that stability of, what will we recognize? What will we not be aware of? What can we imagine? what is actual? What isn’t true? and then making sure the viewers has that bizarre sense as well—of no longer being fairly bound of what to have confidence and what no longer to have faith, precisely like what Grace has. Or basically, what a few the characters have.

because you’re juggling so many threads in this story, anyone may well be the assassin. How do you be certain each and every suspect gets the correct quantity of monitor time with out saying too lots?

I mean, I even have an excellent screenwriter who tailors it very elegantly. but when you’re capturing it and editing it, you be certain that when the persona looks at the different character, they appear a little bit longer than probably they continuously would. Or a hand is seeming relaxed—until you’re in closer with the hand, after which you see this grownup isn’t comfy. or not it’s very a great deal about contradictions. everything in that language is ready contradiction. You inform one element with one type of photo after which you display whatever with another photograph that makes you see the first image in a very distinct easy.

susanne bir on the set of the undoing


What does the modifying room system appear to be for you?

I are trying to spend a very long time in enhancing, now not over-attractive. The aspect for me as a director is very lots about holding that fresh eye and that sense of, How is the audience, who has on no account seen it earlier than, going to react? I are attempting normally to be super precise and super engaged, however additionally maintain a distance. I do not need to study the script too repeatedly. I don’t are looking to see the edit too again and again. on the very, very conclusion, everything is excruciatingly designated. I always go, “Let’s just exchange this one body for one, which is somewhat diverse.” if you, as a director, should not have those sparkling eyes, things get boring. it be very dangerous.

How did you come to a decision to ask Nicole to sing the credit tune?

[Laughs] I have no idea! We have been playing around with the credits and that i changed into like, What is this? And what may still it’s? Then I started hearing that song and imagining Nicole singing it. and that i became like, “i am simply going to ask her to do it.” and she become like, “What?”

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