So, Have We discovered Who Killed Elena on The Undoing Yet?

Streamers would do smartly to retain inserting Nicole Kidman within the center of murder mysteries; she will go from doe-eyed socialite to suspected psychopath with one bat of her outrageous eyelashes. In HBO’s The Undoing, she performs Grace Fraser, whose husband (Hugh provide) has been arrested for the homicide of his mistress Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis). but the case isn’t well-nigh as reduce-and-dry because the police might desire it to be. all the facts points towards Jonathan Fraser, but he insists he’s blameless, and beauty has found herself smack within the middle of a couple of suspicious actions: namely, going for walks by means of the scene of the crime on the identical evening it came about. however does that mean she’s the killer?

There are loads of fan theories—some have even started taking polls of who viewers believe the murderer is—however some alternate options seem extra plausible than others because the episodes continue to roll in. here’s how things are searching for the suspects.

Jonathan actually did it.

perhaps probably the most glaring—and hence least probably—offender is Jonathan himself. in all probability he’s been lying through his teeth this complete time, convincing his wife he’s innocent when, definitely, he’s a chilly-blooded killer. The evidence does factor to the disgraced medical professional, and as one Reddit person mentioned, he did the fairly sociopathic deed of sound asleep together with his mistress, leaving, stumbling upon her lifeless body, after which returning to his domestic to…have sex along with his wife, then abandon them both the next morning. That’s a bit twisted. So it’s certainly possible, if no longer definite, that Jonathan has it in him to kill.

hugh grant and nicole kidman in the undoing

Niko Tavernise/HBO

quick spoiler: in the publication The Undoing is based mostly upon, Jean Hanff Korelitz’s remember to Have standard, Jonathan is indeed the killer. but the collection has made huge departures from its source cloth; booklet Jonathan never returns after he runs away. The exhibit Jonathan seems tons greater nuanced—and quite maybe blameless.

Grace is the one in charge.

a different conventional thought is that Grace isn’t completely of sound intellect, and she’s both by accident or purposefully muddled up her mind to ease herself of guilt.

“If [Grace has] had 20+ years of adventure as a psychologist, I believe she would have discovered a component or two about analyzing people and instances,” one Reddit user theorized. “This unusual woman begun clinging to her apparently out of nowhere. When she took the stroll that become caught on digital camera, I feel that become her heading to Elena’s apartment. Grace cannot bear in mind this as a result of she is battling a intellectual sickness herself.”

but what mental disease? Is she littered with dissociative episodes? And, notwithstanding she is, does she have it in her to brutally murder her husband’s mistress, particularly when she seems so stunned with the aid of what’s going on round her? I consider this thought makes lots of feel, peculiarly given a couple of key pieces of evidence: 1) Grace became caught on tape going for walks past the scene of the crime; 2) Grace had a purpose for the murder, and she and Elena had a relationship; 3) She seems satisfied her husband couldn’t have achieved it. but I additionally wonder if Grace’s guilt might be a bit too obtrusive. different psychological thrillers have performed this kind of online game earlier than, giving us an unreliable protagonist who turns out to be the perpetrator. I agonize that, if the sequence goes down that route, the fruits might be less satisfying.

Sylvia killed Elena out of jealous fury.

When Jonathan admitted to his therapist that he’d slept with a further girl anyway Elena, viewers immediately started theorizing about who that should be would becould very well be—the secret lady could emerge as vital. And a number of Reddit clients are satisfied his different mistress became Sylvia (Lily Rabe), Grace’s ally.

“It additionally took me somewhat to realize that Sylvia is the one who may completely be the killer and have completed so in a fit of rage,” one Reddit person wrote. “She’s the one who talks about Elena’s breasts at the committee meeting, facets out the entire men everywhere her, knew TOO a lot about Elena’s patterns on the college (“she sits accessible, I noticed her months in the past, and so on.” like she’s been gazing the household for awhile), then makes a point to go out of her technique to [go to] Jonathan’s arraignment. She’s my main suspect now.”

however there are a couple of holes in this thought. One is that Sylvia has infrequently proven any signals of jealousy over Jonathan, or even specific interest in him. He’s already married to her ally; why would she decide to kill his mistress? And why, when Jonathan vital felony support after the affair with Elena, would Sylvia be inclined to support him? i love this concept because it’s surprising, however there are one too many problems for it to be the clear winner just yet.

Franklin killed his son-in-legislations’s mistress.

What if the actual killer is Franklin, Grace’s father? all of us comprehend Donald Sutherland is among the most useful in the enterprise at enjoying merciless historic men. And we saw on the display just how icily vicious his character can get when threatened. Plus he has a lot of money, and hence resources, so protecting up a homicide would hypothetically be simpler for him than, say, Elena’s husband, Fernando. however is that sufficient to convict him, figuratively speaking?

donald sutherland and nicole kidman in the undoing

David Giesbrecht/HBO

Some fanatics consider Elena had one other affair, this time with Franklin instead of Jonathan. When Franklin heard Elena had moved on to Jonathan, he paid someone to kill Elena and body Jonathan for it. and maybe Grace walked through the art studio the night of the crime as a result of she suspected her father may were there.

here’s what this thought has going for it: Franklin in reality has secrets and techniques. He’s creepy adequate to seem like a believable murderer. And, if Grace basically has some variety of mental sickness, she may well be repressing recollections of her father’s conduct.

As one Reddit person wrote: “I believe that as a child, Grace witnessed or by some means knew that her father killed her mom. She repressed the memory, or he manipulated her into thinking he turned into innocent and respectable (Grace’s friends are all the time saying she only sees decent in americans. this may also permit her be lied to by means of Jonathan and ignore his narcissism. It also kinda explains the song in the intro, that she ‘dreams’ about people in its place of definitely seeing them.) Now, she witnessed Elena’s homicide and is in a similar way repressing it or refusing to agree with. I also believe she had an affair with Elena that she could be repressing?”

Henry’s the assassin.

right here’s the place we get a bit wacky—however nevertheless, technically, believable. This theory is one in all my favorites, conveniently because it’d be the most surprising. and because the end of ultimate week’s episode confirmed, it be actually believable.

Up except that factor, Henry seemed like nothing however a sweet, blameless younger boy. however take into account that, when he visited his father in detention center, they looked as if it would circulate something. A note, perhaps? And all those scenes emphasizing Henry’s violin practice—we now recognize he turned into hiding the homicide weapon in the violin case. Did he support Jonathan conceal the evidence? Or, possibly, he turned into so livid at his father for cheating, he went and killed his mistress.

One Reddit user explained: “I suppose Henry is the killer and he’s getting his psychopathic habits now not from his father but from his mother. She witnessed her dad’s affairs, killed one of his mistresses and buried that skills below the false story of her folks’ ultimate marriage.” another fan introduced, “The scene the place Henry apologizes to Elena’s son (for interestingly ‘bumping into him’) could also feed into this idea as he could be apologizing for murdering his mom.”

however such an act is horrible in and of itself, not to mention if it were dedicated by means of a young boy. Would HBO be willing to take this sort of possibility?

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